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We match qualified entrepreneurs with the right advisor for their venture and stage of business development. If you’d like to receive free advice from our amazing advisors, complete our simple application form.

Our roster of advisors has grown to include over 60 C-level professionals with expertise in everything from business model innovation to social media marketing, covering a wide range of verticals and industries.

They help refine and test a company’s strategy and road map, and can help connect emerging startups with potential partners, customers, investors and talent.

  • Mary Jane Braide

  • Charlotte Burke

  • Randy Busch

  • Harvey Coleman

  • Ron Close

  • Heather Crosbie

  • Roger Davis

  • Janice Diner

  • Rod Dobson

  • Peter Evans

  • Ron Fehler

  • Todd Finch

  • Kerri Golden

  • Jonathan Graff

  • Chris Hillyer

  • Peter J. Irwin

  • Krista Jones

  • Richard Kingdon

  • Shelley Kirkbride

  • Lance Laking

  • Probal K. Lala

  • Jonathan Latsky

  • Sue McGill

  • Jim Meenan

  • Nathan Monk

  • Lyssa Neel

  • Ryan Poissant

  • Ian Richmond

  • Pierre Roberge

  • Matt Saunders

  • Daniel Sawaya

  • Dan Servos

  • Aron Solomon

  • Salim Teja

  • Miriam Tuerk

  • Scott Vanderwel

  • Peter Vanexan

  • Brenda van Ginkel

  • Joseph Wilson

  • Mark Zimmerman