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One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is securing enough capital to build, validate and scale a business. It’s never an easy task, but we help businesses put their best foot forward.

Our advisors work with entrepreneurs to determine their capital requirements and identify potential funding sources. We will work with you to craft an effective pitch and help get you in front of the best investors.

Possible investment opportunities may include:

  • Government programs
  • Angel investors (individual or in groups)
  • Other accelerator programs
  • Venture-capital funds, including the MaRS Investment Accelerator fund (IAF)


Investment Accelerator Fund

Funded by the Province of Ontario, the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF) helps accelerate the growth of new technology companies, and positions them for further investment by angels and venture capitalists. The fund provides a comprehensive platform of resources, people, connections and funding that entrepreneurs and innovators can access to launch their new ventures.

Cleantech Fund

The MaRS Cleantech Fund LP is a new model of collaboration between MaRS and the private sector. The fully privately-backed fund will focus on early-stage cleantech companies in the MaRS cleantech practice, providing nearly $1 million as an initial investment, as well as possible follow-on funding up to $3 million.

Funding Portal

The Funding Portal Search Tool enables access to more than 4,500 federal, provincial and municipal government funding programs for businesses, non-profits, charities and research institutions. Information on all funds is updated 24/7/365.